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Upcoming Events

UPCOMING: In honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, every week we will be spreading the gold/awareness and ask for your participation because with awareness there is hope for a change:

Week One: Wear Gold and Post your Selfies on our FB page @payitforwardwithjackie

Week Two: Post how your life has been affected by Childhood Cancer on our FB page @payitforwardwithjackie

Week Three: Get your pets to GO GOLD by dressing them up in Gold and posting their pictures on our FB page @payitforwardwithjackie

Week Four: Donate to a charity of your choice that supports childhood cancer (If it is not PFWJ that is OK, we are all in this battle together) Daily, we ask that you please invite one friend to like PFWJ or have them follow us on Twitter/Instagram @PFWJ1 (Twitter) and payitforwardwithjackie (Instragram) 

Plans for the 2018 Holiday Stocking Drive for sick and under privileged children is currently underway.  For more information please email us at

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